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Smoked Eel



Duroc d'Olive



Menu 'De Pastorie' in 7 dishes : 94 euro

Our new concept, without compromising on quality.

We like to share our passion in 1 menu: "Menu 'De Pastorie'".

The dishes will change regularly according to market supply and inspiration.
In addition to new dishes, Rubens signature dishes will also be featured, even more refined.
No compromise on quality for us also means room to create and the choice of the chef.
For this we take the liberty of not communicating fixed dishes in the menu.

Please always mention at reservation if we have to take into account any allergies or intolerances.

Our cuisine is based on animal ingredients, therefore we have no vegetable alternatives.

If you prefer not to eat meat, we are happy to provide a fish alternative. Always mention this when making your reservation.
Since we always work fresh, changes on the spot are not possible.

Dogs are not allowed.

During lunch on Monday, Thursday and Friday, only the lunch menu is available.

3 courses 49 euro
4 courses 61 euro

Dinner always 7 courses at 94 euros.

Sunday afternoon only the 7-course menu is available.