Pascal & Caroline give you a warm welcome to De Pastorie!

Chef Pascal at the stove and his wife Caroline as your hostess in the restaurant.
Here you can enjoy pure quality brought by the owners themselves.
A well-considered choice to offer you without compromise what we ourselves value the most.

Pascal has a real passion for preparing high-quality products. He previously worked in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years. After running another company for 10 years,
his passion flared up again and he decided to no longer deny it.
Caroline worked mainly in the food sector for 16 years, each time in commercial positions.
Since 2005 she was hired by companies as a commercial consultant and crisis manager.

"In the fall of 2010 we decided to run "De Pastorie", a perfect fulfillment of our dream in a beautiful location."

In "De Pastorie" we like to spoil you with high-quality products. Pure passion!
Pascal works with the classic French kitchen as basis, to which he always gives his own quirky "twist". He has a huge passion for dishes with fresh fish from the North Sea,
also and especially for the lesser-known species.
"We have so many good things close to us, why go looking so far?"
We work with regional and seasonal products.

In order not to compromise this vision, the range of our dishes is limited. Always with the highest respect for the purity, freshness and individuality of the product.
For our drinks we also choose to only offer quality, solid brands and well-considered choices such as European wines and local beers, lots of good things so close!

We always let you enjoy in peace. In our restaurant room with the original wall paintings there are tables for up to 4 people. From 5 to max. 8 people you can take a seat at the Chefs table.
You are served in our beautiful garden when the weather gods are in good condition.

We opted for an interior that matches the grandeur of the building, one that goes back to 1765, the period in which this monumental house was built.
Atmosphere and cosiness are central to us!

Our values and quality were also recognized by the "33 master chefs of Belgium". Pascal was inaugurated in the order as
"Masterchef of Belgium" since the gala on December 4, 2017.

Pascal has been a member of the NorthSeaChefs since 2015, your guarantee for fresh fish from the North Sea! No farmed fish in
De Pastorie's kitchen, only the best is good enough!

We are happy to give you what we ourselves appreciate, in all aspects of our operation.
We offer you a casual, familial atmosphere in a unique setting and wish you a very pleasant moment!

We hope to see you soon!

Pascal & Caroline